The S.M.I.T.H Method
Schools & Education 

The previous investments in BPS have produced results that are neither tangible nor visible in our community. Those previous investments were made with the best of intentions but on a fictitious notion. With my leadership, investments in BPS will be focused on a system of education that will support current and future industries, so our children will be able to compete for the highest paying careers and industries upon graduation from high school.

Money, Finances, Banking

Black people in America generate a national gross income of approximately $1.3 trillion. Of that amount, only 2% circulates back to black communities. As your advocate, I will task my office and other agencies to create the programs and classes necessary for our community to retain more of their income and recirculate it twice as much. With proper financial literacy, a family or an individual could rise out of poverty in one generation. In that same generation live and share in the American dream.

Income Equality and Employment

Excluding Unemployment, the malicious actors both liable and responsible for the poverty in our communities are the employers who intentionally pay us less wages. With me as your advocate for District 4, I will bring those employers to task seeking equal wages and compensation for those victims of unlawful wages and salaries based on race and sex

T enents  Rights and Transportation 

Landlords know the law - they know exactly what you are entitled to have per Massachusetts General Laws. However, they don't provide it because they are very aware majority of renters do not know what the law entitles them to have. You have rights and you are entitled to what is fair and equitable! SO Get ready to be entitled; because, as your advocate for District 4, I will give you the tools to know what is rightfully yours set forth by the  Commonwealth of Massachusetts so that you may have peace and comfort in your home as well as safe living conditions.

Housing and Ownership
 In the vast majority of Boston, the Housing Market is overpriced! We need Housing that is affordable. 
Housing that is affordable should be a basic human right. Housing that is affordable provides the opportunity, safety, and security to working families, our teachers, seniors, young adults, and all members of the community neighborhoods of District 4. Housing that is affordable allows for us to create a community that is an asset for everyone